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Historical Challenges and Politics of Memory of European Integration

South Italy and The Mediterranean area


Prof. Carlo Spagnolo

Since the 2007-08 crisis, criticism to austerity policies, to monetary unification and to the democratic legitimacy of the EU has steeply grown even in Italy, once considered the most pro-European country of the Six founders. All over Europe historical memories are now splitting along national lines, breaking with the postwar narratives which have been explored by the Chair holder in a recent publication on Europe`s divided memories since 1945. This project copes with the historical path of European integration in South Italy and the challenges which prompt a new use of the past and a rethinking of the politics of memory at regional level in the context of the Mediterranean area. ...

The project HICOM has four main interrelated purposes:

  • to promote knowledge on European integration history and institutions among students of Humanities at the Univ. of Bari, many of whom will become teachers, and disseminate a deeper knowledge of EU history and politics among students of other Faculties such as Law and Economics
  • raising the level of research on the European integration impact in South Italy in a comparative perspective within the Mediterranean area
  • setting up new standards for the permanent teaching of EU issues among secondary and high school teachers and increase the awareness of European citizenship among high school students in the Puglia Region
  • sharing the results with public administration, policy makers and the public opinion in order to raise the level of formation on EU issues and the cooperation in the Mediterranean area

Press Conference on 15th October 2018